Amazon Launching its own NFT Marketplace

Elite NFT
2 min readApr 5, 2023

Yes you heard it right, after dominating the E-commerce, Web Services and OTT Place, Amazon plans to join the Web3.0 Express.
Before giving your lazy ass a reason to skip this post, give it a read 🙂

The demise of WazirX NFT Marketplace has definitely left us with despair..this however has paved the way for some new NFT Marketplaces, biggest of them being Amazon.
So, what really makes Amazon’s Marketplace this special? In January, Amazon Web Services partnered with Ava Labs in a bid to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology(couldn’t be any more late lol🙂😭)This partnership has played the role of Cheese on Pizza, Vinegar in Soup, Butter in Pie..fuck i am just hungry 😭😭 getting back to NFTs now…so with this partnership they aim at capitalizing on the centralized yet Decentralized web3.0 (centralized because opensea has $846 Million worth market cap🙂). Amazon will be beginning with 15 NFT Collections on their launch day i.e 24 April’23 and will feature the man himself BEEPLE!

The Amazon Digital Marketplace can be accessed from the Amazon Website and you can buy NFTs using Debit and Credit Cards or your Amazon Account (use for buying through UPI btw😉).NFT service through the Amazon platform allows people who do not have access to crypto wallets like Metamask to buy NFTs easily! They have been planning this for pretty long however the plan got delayed because of the FTX metldown ( why sam 😭😭😭). The company plans to make its customers play crypto games and reward them with free NFTs.

What do you think will Amazon be able to win the Web3.0 race like it has won E-commerce all over the globe? Should opensea start counting its days now? Let’s continue this in the comments below