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2 min readApr 28, 2023


Companies have been trying to break into the Web3.0 world for a long time now. We have seen many big companies getting their hands on crypto, nfts and blockchain. This time it’s one of the leading payments companies in the world.

The international financial service provider Visa, has made its debut into the Web3.0 world. It has unveiled the ‘Visa Creator Program’ which is a new initiative aimed at assisting people in building their small businesses through NFTs.

Not only nfts, they have even started hiring blockchain developers! A ray of hope for all you unemployed engineers out there 👀🥲

The hiring process of crypto developers means the company is really focused on Web3.0 adoption.

Visa has also been a pioneer in issuing Crypto Debit Cards all over the world. The adoption of debit cards took time back in the days, and I expect something similar with crypto debit cards as well. People are gonna need some more time to adapt crypto in their day to day life. With companies like Visa, i am confident that the adoption will take place at a fairly high pace.

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